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Pricing for Racine, Milwaukee and Kenosha Counties East of I-94 and 15 Miles West
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  • Trenching Water Services - approx. $12-$15 a foot. $800 minimum. Plus permit.
    Trench Water Service with Rubber-Trackhoe *approx.12 inches wide above ground, back-fill from curb-stop to home, install pipe,tracer wire, and connect it at the curb-stop, come into the house and install a shut off valve on the end of the water line. Cement up hole in basement water tight.
    (Crossing underground lines add $50 to $100 per line depending on type and location.)
    *Wider trench at building wall and curb-stop.
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  • Boring Water Services - $18-$20 a foot. $1500 minimum.Plus permit
    Dig trench by curb-stop approx. 3 ft by 4 ft,(or as needed to connect to stop) bore line under home approx. 100 ft, pull back pipe from home, connect line at curb-stop, install shut off valve in home, back-fill hole by curb-stop. Close-up hole with water tight cement in basement floor or wall as needed.
    *It is always possible that debris underground could stop the process, causing potholing or trenching to finish the bore.*

    "The above based on 1 inch lines of 200 p.s.i. Poly Pipe and tracer wire"

    (Crossing underground lines add $50 to $100 per line depending on type and location.) *Potholing is: Digging up at the end of the last bore, to install the boring machine to continue boring. Potholes are needed for lengths over 100 ft or so, and encase of impassable material. General Service Pricing Link

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